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  • LP Professional Maracas (LP281)
    LP Pro Maracas are the most imitated maracas in the world. They are sold in matched pairs: one high pitch and one low pitch which is a traditional feature in vintage maracas.

    • Bright, loud sound, plastic shells and wood handles
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  • LP Aspire Timbale Cowbell (lpa406)
    Designed for the intermediate player, LP Aspire Cowbells are great value and come in a wide selection of tones. The convenient wing screw clamping mechanism holds tight to 3/8" diameter mounting rods for secure placement on drum kits or percussion set-ups.

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  • LP Festivo Cajon LP1442 (LP1442)
    Wooden body
    Siam Oak wood front Board
    3 sneawire ( inside the ring line )
    Stable with large rubber feet
    30.5 cm W x 30.5 cm D × 46.35 cm H
    Lord beginner-but is easier to treat.
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  • LP Twist Shaker, Soft (LP441T-S)
    LP’s Twist Shaker is a twin set of shakers that have a twisting lock mechanism that allows the player to play them as a set in one hand or one in each hand.

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  • LP Finger Shot (LP442F)
    This finger-sized version of the popular One Shot® Shaker straps onto your fingers adding an additional shaker effect when playing congas, bongos or other hand drums.

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  • LP Matador® Custom Wood Bongos ( M301-VSB)
    Ribbed Siam Oak shells
    7-1/4" and 8-5/8" natural rawhide heads
    Traditional rims
    5/16" diameter tuning lugs, steel backing plate and plated cast aluminum bottoms
    Matching congas available
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  • LP Aspire® Jamjuree Wood Bongos (LPA601-SW)
    Jamjuree wood shells
    6-3/4" and 8" natural rawhide heads
    EZ Curve Rims
    Black powder-coated LP Aspire side plates & rims
    5/16" diameter tuning lugs and Cuban-style steel bottoms
    Matching congas available
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  • LP Twist Shaker, Medium (LP441T-M)
    LP’s Twist Shaker is a twin set of shakers that have a twisting lock mechanism that allows the player to play them as a set in one hand or one in each hand.

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  • LP Stealth Jam Block Pack w/Mount (LP1208-K)
    LP Jam Blocks are great examples of LP innovation. This patented design transformed fragile, wooden blocks into virtually indestructible modern staples for any drummer or percussionist.
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  • LP RAW Trash Snare Model: LP1601 (LP1601)
    LP RAW Trash Snare Model: LP1601

    Galvanized stainless steel construction
    Internal synthetic beads
    LP Snare Sound Enhancer™ include
    Place in snare stand or hold by the handle
    Play with stick, brushes, mallets or hands
    14-inch flanged hoop with Remo® head
    Tune low for a deep, metal snare sound
    Tune high for a timbale-like sound
    Made in the USA
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  • LP Everything Rack (LP372)



    The LP Everything Rack has six individuals mounting locations that allow you to mount a number of percussion instruments in one easy-to-access spot.


    • 22" length, chrome-plated steel, comes with four 4-1/2" long x 3/8" diameter straight knurled mounting rods and two extra-long 3/8" diameter Z rods
    • Rods can be positioned to mount the instruments above and/or below the rack for additional versatility
    • Mounted products not included
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  • LP Standard Afuche/Cabasa, Wood (LP234A)



    Invented over 40 years ago by founder Martin Cohen, the LP Afuche/Casaba has become one of the most essential percussion instruments in history. Loops of steel bead chain wrapped around a specially textured, stainless steel cylinder that produce a mulitude of scraping rhythmic patterns. The larger the size of the instrument, the louder the volume.


    • 4-1/2" diameter Afuche/Casaba with wooden frame and handle
    • Beads can be rotated around the textured steel or the instrument can be spun or shaken for varying sounds
    • Patented

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  • LP Shake-It (LP440)



    The LP Shake-It is a compact, durable, metal shaker that’s an absolute must for all percussionists.


    • 8" length
    • Fits comfortably in your hand
    • Volume is easy to control


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  • LP One Shot Shaker (LP442A)


    LP’s unique, patented One-Shot Shaker has only one “live” striking area enabling you to lay forward/down strokes without shadow or ghost strokes.


    • Constructed of durable, anodized metal
    • Delicate sound quality ideal for studio recording
    • Simplifies complex rhythm patterns
    • Sold in pairs

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  • LP Fiber Maracas (LP 389)
    LP Fiber Maracas come in matched pairs and have a the steel-ball fill for a loud crisp sound. The round, plastic shell design is perfect for the “swirling” sound created when the maracas are turned upside down and lightly rotated in a circular motion

    • Black plastic shells with wooden handles
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  • LP Matador Mini Maracas (LP M281)
    LP Matador® Mini Maracas are great for light studio applications and are perfect for smaller hands. The rounded shells give these maracas a crisp, bright sound.

    • Black plastic shells with wood handles
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  • LP Aspire Wood Block with Striker (LPA211)
    LP Aspire Wood Blocks offer great tone at a great price for the beginner or student.

    • Hardwood construction, large - low pitch
    • Multiple mounting holes
    • Wood striker included

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  • LP Bamboo Rainstick (LP455A)

    Invert the rainstick, causing the fill material to cascade over the internal "tree" steps, and it "rains"

    The greater the incline, the greater the downpour

    Bamboo and covered in a woven material using stones as fill for a soft sound
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  • LP Soft Shake (LP441)
    The Soft Shake is LP’s softest sounding shaker and is perfect when a delicate rhythmic accent is needed. A set of two small plastic shakers is connected by two rubber bands which, when removed allows you to play as two individual shakers.

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  • LP Aspire® Accents Cajon, Sunburst Streak (483857)
    12"W x 11-3/4"D x 17-1/4"H
    Siam Oak sound board
    All wood construction
    Striking exterior finish
    Three internal sets of snare wires for extra sensitivity and sound control
    Textured seating surface

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